SolidFX Invest provides expert advisors and managed accounts in order to obtain the highest return possible with the minimum risk.

After 10 years of algorithmic trading using neural networks we have finally made it: our strategy works even in extreme market behavior.

While regular investors will consider bank bonds, gold, silver, real estate, forestry or other financial investments, it can be a stable but slow way of making money.

Plus it requires millions of dollars. Most of the people don't have that much in their savings account. This is where our strategy comes in.

SolidFX Invest strategy may exceed the annual percentage of bank bonds, real estate, investment funds and forestry businesses COMBINED using sophisticated algorithms and 10 years of trading experience.

We provide the expertise required to obtain the highest return for your risk capital with the guarantee of international brokers such as AXITRADER regulated by ASIC in Australia with HSBC segregated accounts.